The Countdown Begins

Hey Guys,

I know, according to my previous schedule, I am supposed to open my online store today. But, after a lot of thinking, I decided to open the store in November 11, 2011 instead. It’s not just because I like how the date or the numbers looks on paper (11.11.11) but also because I want to use this opportunity to build something I truly care about and see it grow. For that reason, I decided to start strong and present my creations professionally. It is time for me to put the things I learned in FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising ) into practice: branding (creating, developing and maintaining a brand identity), costing, designing, merchandising, and marketing.

Starting from today till November 11, 2011, I will blog and post numerous pictures on a daily basis to share with you the processes and that preparations that lead to the birth of Angelica Brigade (AvaNt-GardE Luxurious Inventions by Collaborative Artists Brigade).



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