It’s called an experiment …

because I was not sure how it’ll turn out …

I wove gunmetal-colored beads onto a ribbon using an elastic string. It looks rather cute on my desk, it looks nice enough on photograph, but it does not look that great when one wears it.

For that reason, this one does not pass the research and development stage’s ‘test’

Now, I will dismantle this creation and then reuse the material to create another prototype which  – hopefully – pass the R&D stage’s test and the wearability & durability test.

By the way, I made several more new necklaces yesterday. Those necklaces are very long (40 inches / slightly over 1 meter in length if left unclasped). I’m still trying to figure out the best camera angle(s) to capture those necklaces using my iPhone (Fyi … All pictures I upload here are taken using my iPhone …)

 Till later



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