Silk Dahlia #001

Here … is my first silk dahlia. It’s not going to be the version I will make available in my e-shop because as for now, I’m not completely satisfied with it.

It’s made out of a PVA-treated silk organza. I cut, seal the edges, and hand-tied each of its 130 petals

Then I dipped it into a small vat of dye

Then  I let these petal to dry for a few hours

Then I dipped their edge, once again, into the dye

Once they’ve dried, I constructed them one by one, even with the ‘watercolor effect’ (no, I didnt dye the silk with watercolor. i know better than that :D )

The verdict is … it’s too lifelike to my liking.


I like my hair accessories to look more stylelized. So, I thought, what if I put a simulated pearl on its center

Yet … still …

So … it’s time to stylelize this dahlia even more. Coming next: Silk Dahlia #002 … I’ll blog about it tomorrow.


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