New hairclips/fascinators: Kittrie, Charley, and Swirl

All of these clips are made out of very glossy (resin coated) shantung (silk)  fabric

The beaded mini bow with four-clover wire as seen on the Lenore necklace


The layered fascinator Kittrie …

The small one … in this picture worn together with the Charley bow


The Large one …

And lastly, the Swirl … beaded and embellished with a large Swarovski crystal

I’m planning to sell the small clips as a set of three … I’m still working on the grouping

It will take a few days …

I’m thinking that the third piece should also  double as a brooch. So, I will attach this on the back of the third piece

By the way, let me show you  how the back of the clips look like

The grey clips has grey flannel base and silver aligator clip attached on them

The aligator clips have great grips … they will fasten the fascinators/hairclips securely onto the wearers’ hair


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