working on some new things … + updates on the dahlias


i will upload their pictures in a few days

not because they aren’t ready


about the dahlias …

i didn’t really like the previous version so much and already find a more effective way to make it …

since i’m not really into realistic looking flowers … i am simplifying it to make it looks more stylized


also … i really want to make a line of contemporary looking chainmail necklaces … the so costumey and much more wearable

but … since my doctor told me that my burn is a second degree burn … and since the blister on the burn broke and the area around the burn got rather black and blue … i don’t dare to overuse my left arm for a few days …


the pictures of the avant-garde pieces i plan to reveal one by one starting from next week will be ready as planned

but for the chainmail items …

gimme a few more weeks …



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