Style … Aesthetics … (Unconscious) Influences …

I love (most of) Tamara de Lempicka’s paintings

Until a few minutes ago now, I didn’t notice how her paintings (unconsciously) influences my works.

The clean / defined edges …  the folds … the shadows the folds create … and to some extent, the color choices



Here are some more jpeg for comparison purposes.

I find de Lempicka’s sleek, clean, and bold (yet soft) painting style (labelled soft cubism or synthetic cubism) compelling.

I haven’t seen the reproductions or the pictures of her paintings for a very long time. I sure did not think about her paintings as I was creating my hair accessories and necklaces. But the fact that de Lempicka’s aesthetic sense resonates with mine, and that I admire the painting style she invented, is clear enough for most people to see.

Unconscious inspiration …




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