Avant Garde Bracelet: Ms Sharp, v.01

I call this bracelet Rigmarole /// Ms Sharp

I name it after Thackeray’s anti-heroine Becky Sharp.

I currently am re-making this bracelet

I will upload the pictures of the improved version of it in a few days

Basically, it’s a simplified version of my other avant garde maille bracelet: Rigmarole /// Glorvina ( http://wp.me/p1KZjL-dD )

This version is sturdier than the Glorvina version, and doesn’t require multiple fittings. It’s adjustable and its upper part can be hooked onto any finger the wearer prefers

Here is the flat view of the bracelet

I noticed that many people will find this bracelet too chunky

So, I plan to make a smaller version of it

But, since this bracelet follows the movements of the wearer’s hand, I find this bracelet very wearable

I even wore it to work … and didn’t take it off when I was making more bracelets


Which will look rather different from this one and the Glorvina

To those who are interested to know the reason I named this piece Ms Sharp …

I sketched this bracelet while I was listening to Vanity Fair (I always listen to an audiobook whenever I am creating something)

Thackeray describes Becky Sharp as a petite girl with wheat colored hair and green eyes, whose beauty (especially in her later years) owes a lot to her extravagant adornments & make-up. She’s some kind of a con artist who manipulates men quite easily. She snakes into the lives of those men and their families. However, most women can see through her facade. Sadly for her, Becky is not aware that sooner or later most women find out Becky’s true motivations and realize that Becky is not their true friend.

The bluish green Swarovski crystal I used as the focal point of the bracelet reminds me to her eyes, and the gold jump rings represent her blond hair.

There is a part of the Swarovski crystal that’s a little exposed (as in not completely surrounded by the chain). This part of the design represents Becky’s failure to notice that there are a large group of people (many women) who can see through her pretenses.

I  see this bracelet as a reinterpretation of Thackeray’s memorable anti-heroine

I infused Becky’s “essence” into the overall design of the bracelet which also is a little (wearable) sculpture


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