Charla: Avant Garde Fascinator with Detachable Veiling

Layer upon layer of Italian silk organza with carefully burned edges, 6 silk roses, sheer flyaway ribbon & braided embellishment, all made using one same fabric.

Lightweight & drapes over the wearer’s hair.

Original design by joyz*k for Angelica Brigade. Style name: Charla.

Can also be made in Whisper Pink (very, very pale pink), with an optional stiff net veiling in white!/angelicabrigade

All pictures are taken using iPhone 4 (without any special app or filter) inside of my make-shift photo studio (namely, my closet) because I had to cancel an outdoor shot because it rained the moment I started to take the first picture.

My husband & I hung a large white fabric lined with taped-on tissue papers behind the mannequin and used my floorlamps as light source.

It was rather fun.  It’s like playing McGyver (with the ductape) or Michael Westen (Burn Notice).

Plus, the end results are surprisingly much better than what I expected



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