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Update (04/17/2916): Blue Buddha Boutique is closing its door permanently. The link to their website (below) is no longer active.

So, here are the pieces I was working on when I wrote this blog post >>> http://wp.me/p1KZjL-m7


Captive inverted round weave, with grossgrain ribbon.

Angelica Brigade angelicabrigade handmade chainmaille chain maille chainmail jewelry jewellery captive inverted round with grossgrain ribbon black silver gold classic with a twist elegant geometric minimalism



This one might very well be my very first original chain maille weave. I did some online research and couldn’t find a similar weave elsewhere.

Angelica Brigade angelicabrigade handmade jewelry jewellery necklace new weave swarovski crystal pearl pearls gold silver unusual elegant glamorous captive variant weave joyz*k



My original maille weave, combined with Byzantine weave

Angelica Brigade angelicabrigade handmade chainmaille chainmail chain maille necklace jewelry jewellery Swarovski crystal pearl Swarovski elements pearls blue saphire gold premium anodized aluminum Blue Buddha Boutique unusual original unique weave byzantine by joyz*k of http://www.angelica-brigade.com



My original weave combined with a modified Japanese weave

AngelicaBrigade Angelica Brigade handmade chain maille chainmaille jewelry jewelerry Swarovski element crystal oearl pearls gold dark ruby red elegant unusual unique by joyz*k of http://www.angelica-brigade.com



Necklace #3 and #4, worn together

Angelica Brigade angelicabrigade handmade jewelry jewellery necklace chainmaille chain maille Swarovski element crystal pearl pearls red blue saphire gold elegant classic medieval inspired by joyz*k of www.angelica-brigade.com unusual unique


As usual, I make the necklaces using Blue Buddha Boutique‘s premium anodized aluminum jump rings; and the pearls I are Swarovski Crystal Pearls

The crystal pearls have tiny drill holes on them. They aren’t very visible unless you look really closely at them. And, if you want to hide the tiny drill holes, you can push/poke at the pearl a bit so the hole will be hidden by the handwoven chain that hold the pearls snugly.

I realize that some people might not be bothered by the tiny drill holes; but, since I cannot find any other material that gleam as beautifully (yet?), I decided to use them nonetheless.

I’m still looking for better materials, though

Stay tuned :)



-joyz*k of Angelica Brigade







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