Awed by Iris van Herpen’s Works

Iris van Herpen haute couture avant garde fashion designer

Iris van Herpen haute couture avant garde fashion designer

Iris van Herpen haute couture avant garde fashion designer

Iris Van Herpen Avant Garde Fashion Designer Extraordinaire

Such craftmanship & out of the box ideas.

Her works makes me to aspire to become a better artist …

To ignore limitations and bring a concept into reality …

And to create the best things I can.


Often, I worry too much about the wearability and the production cost of the item I design/create.

I also worry about the item’s possible shipping cost and whether I the item can be packed / shipped easily.

All these considerations tend to limit my creativity … and at the end of the day, I often realized that I did not give it my all … and that I did not bring my designs/ideals into reality, but just a blurry shadow of it. This realization – which I tend to push to the back of my mind – tend to nudge me with some pangs of dissatisfaction that sort of bothers me from time to time.

Angelica Brigade (AB) is a new and small independent company with no external financial backers or angel investors. In order to survive, and in order for that to happen, we need to make a reasonable amount of profit so we can get more materials to create more things and so on. I’m not saying that we’ve been a total sell-out. We aren’t creating anything that aren’t in line with our artistic ideals or tastes … we do … but, only in its lesser form.

So, does it mean that we’ll go crazy and create nothing but labor intensive, expensive to create, and fantastic yet unwearable pieces?

No …  But from now on, at least 20% of  the things I create will fall into that category.

Slowly, but surely, AB will try to grow into the kind of artistic brigade we aspire to become.


You can see more pictures & videos of her work in her site: and/or in this [ book ]


[ I do not own any of the images & videos I feature in this blog post. I’m not using these images for any commercial purpose; but, if you are the legal owner of any of these pictures and do not want to see the picture(s) you own in my blog, please notify me and I will remove the photograph immediately ]


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