Shipping Cost

Shipping cost’s been so darn expensive these days. It can be a problem for Etsy sellers whose customers live thousands of miles away from where they live. I happen to be one of those Etsy sellers.

Today, I spent a few hours researching the most current shipping costs. The average cost of shipping one large-sized (approx. 6″) hair fascinator from the U.S. to another country (except Canada) is around $46.00

Just so you know, the $46 does not include the cost of the gift box I ship my handmade creation in …  and all the packing materials I use to make sure that the item will arrive in a good condition.

Personally, unless the item I’m planning to purchase is so gorgeous that it blows my mind, a $46.00 (or higher) shipping charge tends to make me to think the purchase over. And, more often than not, I end up purchasing a similar item from another retailer who doesn’t charge such an exorbitant shipping fee instead.

I know … It’s not the retailer’s fault that the shipping cost is so high. And, with the gas price on the rise, it really can’t be helped. But, it’s only natural for me to find another retailer who (usually) are located much closer to where I live and thus does not charge me so much for shipping.

Try googling this: charge “so much for shipping” and you’ll see that many people think that online retailer tends to charge too much for shipping & handling.


Personally, I never charge my overseas customers more than $20 (per item) for shipping. And, yes, it means that I always foot a part of my overseas customers’ shipping fee.

Is it bad for business, then?

Not really …

  • Firstly … I opened my online shop less than a year ago; and, right now, building my brand’s presence trumps my wish of earning more profits from my new business.
  • Secondly … I earn less profit than I potentially earn, but I do not operate at a loss.

But … it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few things I need to do to keep my new business afloat.

And … I will start by finding  more ways to sell my products locally. I will start by selling my items to several local boutiques who sells the kinds of items that my customers (and I) love.

Trying to design mind-blowingly gorgeous items doesn’t hurt either.


joyz*k of AngelicaBrigade


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