Social Media Marketing For Etsy Sellers: Useless?

Update 04/17/2016: I no longer sell my pieces via Etsy

It seems that many Etsy sellers say that social media do not give them more sales.

(Source: The comments portion of this Social Media Marketing Survey >>> )

This fact does not surprise me much.

Consider this … many Etsy sellers’ Twitter followers & Facebook “fans” are their fellow Etsy sellers.

Though some Etsy sellers (including me) do (from time to time) purchase some things via Etsy, they are there – mainlyto sell things, and not to shop. They become other Etsy sellers’ Twitter followers & Facebook fans to show their solidarity ( or to get “follow backs” &/or more Facebook fans )… not because they are interested to become other sellers’ loyal customers.

In my experience, social media marketing gives my products more “views” and “admirers.” Since higher numbers of admirers can be one of the factors that might persuade a prospective customer to purchase my handmade accessories & jewelry, social media marketing is not completely useless.

But … here’s the interesting part:

The people who actually purchased my handmade hair accessories and jewelry are not my Facebook fans, Twitter followers, or my Etsy shop’s or merchandise’s “admirers” .

Plus, even though they gave me positive feedbacks on Etsy, they do not follow me on Twitter or “Like” my Facebook page.


I also read that many Etsy sellers find that advertising their items on Etsy does not give them more sales either.

This doesn’t surprise me much either.

In my opinion, theoretically, advertising on Etsy gives sellers better chances to get their prospective customers to notice their products. But … here is the twist: Are the people who search for the kinds of item they sell are their prospective customers … or their fellow sellers trying to curate Etsy Treasuries or research their “competitors”

In other words:

  • The people who search for statement necklace on Etsy might not search for them to buy them.
  • Some of them are looking for statement necklaces to feature in their Etsy Treasuries.
  • Some others, on the other hand, are looking at other sellers’ statement necklaces to find out how the other sellers price their items, or to find out the keywords they use to tag their items, etc etc.

The question is, how many percent of the people who search for the items are your prospective customers?

This, we cannot know for sure.


Anyway, all those facts get me thinking …

And … here are my conclusions:

  1. Etsy is an online craft fair.
    When people rent a booth at a craft fair, what they get is merely a space for them to display & sell their wares. Likewise, Etsy sellers shouldn’t expect Etsy to provide anything more than a platform for them to display & sell their goods.
  2. Etsy is a gigantic craft fair, with more than 2,000,000 new items listed per month and more than 700,000 new members per month (Source: ) … Etsy sellers who merely sit around and wait for the customers to notice their merchandise will be sorely disappointed.
    To make more sales, they need to find ways to catch (and keep!!!) prospective customers’ attention.
  3. Social media marketing can help Etsy sellers to enhance their image, reputation, and online presence, but all those do not guarantee that they’ll get more sales.
  4. And, lastly, and most importantly, to get more sales, Etsy sellers need to advertise outside of Etsy and / or get featured in influential blogs whose readers are the kinds of people who not merely admire, but purchase the kinds of items you sell and in the price range you sell them.

I have not advertise outside of Etsy …

That’s the next step I need to take.

Finding a number of influential blogs whose readers are my potential customers is another one.


  • Any comment / feedback / stories to tell? I’d love to hear them :)
  • Are you a fellow Etsy Seller?
  • Have you advertise in Etsy? If so, did it give you more sales?
  • Does social media marketing give you more sales?
  • Are many of your Twitter followers and Facebook fans your loyal customers?

– joyz*k (a.k.a. Miu Vermillion) of AngelicaBrigade


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