New Month, New Nail Color …

Zoya Nail Polish Lacquer Natty Dark Gray Grey angelicabrigaded angelica brigade joyz joyz*k independent designer

Very glossy gunmetal

It’s a few shades darker than my favorite bluish gray nail lacquer, but it’s still bluish gray. It’s the nail polish shade I’ve been wearing 90% of the time these past few years, and this is the reason why:

This is how I achieved the effect:

1 layer of Nailtiques Formula 2 nail protein


2 layers of Zoya nail polish


2 layers of Nailtiques Formula 2

This is the color I used:


It’s been weeks since the last time I gave myself a proper manicure.

It’d been a busy week here in my office. I’d been working with fabric dyes, all kinds of fixatives, resin clay, & stone clay on a daily basis … and I didn’t have enough time to fix my scratched, dye-stained, and glue-textured (polished)nails every single day. For those kinds of days, I painted my fingernails with OPI Black Shatter nail polish. It was rather grunge chic, but the nail polish blends well with the dye stains, scratches, etc :D


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