How I Create This Type of Knotted Chainmaille + Swarovski Statement Necklaces

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STEP 1:  Coating my pliers with 2 thin layers of ToolMagic to make sure that the jewelry I create is 100% free of toolmark &/or scratch

STEP 2: Sorting the jump rings. (I set the imperfect jump rings aside and use only them when I am learning a new chainmaille weave).

STEP 3: Pre-closing the black anodized aluminum jump ringsas neatly as possible.

STEP 4: Opening the gold anodized aluminum jump rings.

STEP 5: Weaving the jump rings. (This weave is called box chain. I learned this weave from Rebeca Mojica’s  Book: Chained, but you can learn it for free by watching this YouTube tutorial or reading this free online tutorial instead).

STEP 6: Continue weaving the jump rings till I create a 40-inch or 101-cm chain

STEP 7: Attaching the Swarovski Fancy Stones and Knotting the ChainMaille

And yes … the 40″ or 101 cm chain only forms the center front part of the necklace

STEP 8: Deciding the length of the necklace

STEP 9: Create two more handwoven links (by repeating step 2 – 5) , twisting & linking them onto the center front part of the statement necklace, and connecting the ends of those links to a toggle clasp.

Ring counts: Approx. 20 rings per inch.

Thus, to create this type of statement necklace, I need to use more than 1200 pieces of jump rings.

The time I need to create this type of necklace: More than 12 hours.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Aggie says:

    Oh wow! What a beautiful necklace! Worth every single minute spent on it.

  2. Gabi says:

    This is awesome!! What size jump rings did you use? I MUST recreate this!

    1. I use Blue Buddha Boutique’s jump ring, size L16

  3. Carleeta Guider says:

    I want to buy this necklace.

    1. Hi Carleeta,

      Thank you for your interest!
      This necklace is one of a kind, and was sold for $780.00
      I can make a very similar (though not identical) piece within 2 weeks.
      Please let me know if you are still interested.

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