How to [properly] open & close jump rings

Using flat nose pliers, hold the jump ring near its kerf / opening.

Then, gently & simultaneously, pry the jump ring open at a straight line

( Do not yank the jump ring, otherwise, you might end up with a bent jump ring )

To close the jump ring, gently wiggle the jump ring back & forth till you hear a click.

You know that you closed the jump ring properly if you can barely see the kerf/opening & the ring lays completely flat



1. Always use [at least one] flat nose pliers that are big enough to hold the entire jump ring. It will give you much more leverage & make it easier for you to open and close the jump ring at a straight line.

2. Do not use chain nose pliers. Its doesn’t provide you enough leverage & good enough grip to open your jump rings at a straight line.

3. Proper pliers that provide your grip with good leverage enable you to open & close the jump rings smoothly, no death grip necessary.

4. In fact, you shouldn’t grip the pliers too tightly because it can mar your jump rings and – overtime – can give you a wrists injury.

5. To make sure that your pliers don’t scratch the jump rings, you might want to cover the tips of your pliers with Tool Magic or masking tape.

By the way …

Do not close your jump rings this way as the ring will simply pop back open the moment you let the pliers go:

[ This blog post is a part of my Intro to ChainMaille Jewelry Making series ]


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