Today: Mini Dress & Calf Length Cardigan

style mini dress long cardigan ballerina inspired shoes Ali Ro Lace Dress Tarina Tarantino Handmade Cameo Necklace Riller & Fount Cardigan Dior Pointe Shoes or Ballet Shoes inspired Pumps

I dress for myself.

I don’t follow trend & wear whatever I like whenever I feel like it.

There are two things I will never sacrifice though: Comfort and practicality.

I’m not only talking about physical comfort but psychological comfort as well.

I won’t wear anything that doesn’t feel like “me” .

I also avoid wearing thing that has the potential of preventing me from doing the things I might need & want to do.

But, it doesn’t mean that I wear pyjamas or tank top. running shorts & sneakers all day and everyday . . .

Dior Ballet Shoes Inspired Pointe Shoes Inspired Heels Pumps

I wear things I find comfortable and it’s a subjective thing.

I can walk for miles in high heels. But, I need to stop every so often (to affix a few bandages onto my feet) whenever I wear flat shoes.

A number of people keep on telling me that high heels are BAD for me.

But, in the end, the person who walks inside of my shoes is me.

If I choose not to stop every few hours to stick more bandages onto my feet; then, there’s nothing they can do about it.

Dior Shoes 2012 Ballet Shoes Inspired Ballerina Pointe Shoes Pumps Beige Chunky Heels Pony Hair and Suede

To me, these shoes are surprisingly comfy.

Or, may be, it’s because my feet were already molded into the shape of pointe shoes. After all, I wore pointe shoes & stood on my toes everyday for more than a decade. But, it was a lifetime ago . . . when I trained myself to become a professional ballerina . . . and before I broke my left arm & forced to find another thing I love to do & passionate about.

It took me 13 years . . . but, last year, I finally did.

Making handmade jewelry & hair accessories makes me happy :)

It’s the thing I look forward to do when I wake up in the morning, & the last thing I do before I sleep. Everyday!

Dior Ballet Shoes Inspired Pumps High Heels Platforms Pony Heels Suede Shoes

I see myself as a conscientious pragmatist.

I do whatever works best for me as long as it doesn’t hurt or disturb anybody else.

I want to do things quickly & effectively.

Style Ali Ro Lace Dress Chanel Bag Prada Bag Charm

So, I always appreciate a bag with a back pocket/compartment. That way, I can easily whip up my cell phone or keys whenever I need to, and quickly, too.

And, for safety reasons, I like the fact that the pocket is placed on the back of the bag.

Style Tarina Tarantino handmade long cameo necklace Ali Ro Lace Dress Riller & Fount Cardigan

I prefer to wear >>non-precious<< chunky jewelry.

I don’t feel comfortable wearing & owning  precious items that requires special cares, especially the ones that come in small sizes.

I tend to break &/or misplace them :(

It can be quite distressing.

Also, I simply don’t have the budget to purchase oversized precious jewelry.

I don’t want to wear one piece of jewelry with everything day in and day out for many, many years. I need a little variety. So, I decided to go with well-made non-precious statement jewelry instead.

Style Outfit of the Day Ali Ro Lace Dress Chanel Bag Riller & Fount Cardigan Prada Bag Charm Dior Ballet Ballerina shoes

By the way, the necklace you see in the picture is a handmade Tarina Tarantino necklace I purchased about 4 years ago.

It used to be the only jewelry brand I wear before I started creating my own jewelry line about a year ago.


Today’s outfit:

  • Dress: Ali Ro
  • Cardigan: Riller & Fount
  • Shoes: Dior
  • Bag: Chanel
  • Bag Charm: Prada (Why not?! They look good together)
  • Necklace: Tarina Tarantino

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