Clear Goal as a Compass: Got Sidetracked?

Vintage Compass Pendant by BazingaJewellery via Etsy

Begin with the end in mind
– The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen Covey

In other words: We should plan everything with clear ultimate goals as our reference points.

Our ultimate goals should serve as a compass with which we set our short-term, mid-term, & long-term goals accordingly. That way, we can be sure that these shorter-term goals will serve as effective building blocks or stepladder that will help us to achieve our ultimate goals.

Personalized Map Compass Necklace by soradesigns via Etsy

Lately, I’ve been so caught up with creating more & more handmade jewelry that I failed to set aside some time to review my plans & schedules so I make sure that they are aligned with my goals.

This online article I read on Handmadeology served as a wake-up call for me: The 12 Biggest Mistakes Jewelry Designers Make in Business by Tracy and Robin from (especially point #2).

Steampunk Compass Necklace by JCB Studio via Etsy

I’m an extremely right-brained person who went to a fashion design school & an art school. Though I read a lot of business books & took some business-related classes in college (to fulfill my GE Requirements), I’m not a naturally effective  & organized business mastermind.

Driven by creative impulses, I’ve been designing with no clear vision of who I choose to design for. Blogging-wise, I’ve been writing without any clear vision of who I write for. Which is BAD, bad, BAD!

It’s  like floating in the middle of a sea. Letting my creative impulses to dictate what I do is like swimming to this & that direction without any specific destination in mind. I’ll end up near where I started. Unless I choose a specific destination in mind, it’s just a matter of time before I’ll sink.

Antique Sundial Compass via ANTIQUEDECORS on Etsy

Some books & articles told me that my ideal customers are a group of people who are very similar to me. So,with that assumption, I decided to create the kinds of things I’d love to wear. This is one the merchandising plans I need to explore further / re-evaluate.

As for blogging . . . I’ve been doing it because handmade business books & online articles say that every craft seller & online retailer need to do it (to increase one’s online presence, and make it possible for one’s customers & potential customers to get to know one).

So, writing whatever I like (such as tons of business-related posts) is probably not a good idea. [Because the people who might want to read my business-related articles are probably my fellow small business owners & craft sellers, not my customers & potential customers].

If I want my customers & potential customers to get to know me better, I should write about the things that inspire me, my working process, tips on inspecting whether a piece is well made or not, and the likes instead.

However, I still want to write business-related posts. But, I might need to write it on a different blog. I’m going to think this over & let you know before the end of this year (next week!)

Wow! How time flies~


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