Getting Ready for Next Year … and for January 3rd, 2013

angelica brigade handmade jewelry chainmail jewellery earrings by angelicabrigade independent designer etsy seller chain maille artist chainmaille artiste

The very last weekend of this year is finally here.

As usual, I tend to work harder & become more introspective than usual.

Instead of planning a party, I am planning / finding ways to live a healthier & more productive life next year.

I’ve been pushing myself harder; and so, I’ve been creating tons of new pieces that will become available in my Etsy shop next week:

  • Sleeker & more wearable pieces of chainmaille jewelry
  • Bigger & bolder floral headpieces
  • Beaded cuffs – featuring either my handmade cabochon(s) or gemstone(s)
  • And more

>>> This is going to be the very last blog post I will write this year <<<

In January 2nd next year, I will come back with better written contents & accompanying pictures~

As for my small-business-related posts, I will write them on my personal blog instead:


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