Alternative Wedding Bouquets : Why I Love Them

handmade fabric brooch wedding alternative bouquet with lace and pearls
Fabric Bridal Bouquet by MetallicBloom via Etsy
silk wedding bouquet
Silk Bouquet by Hapitat via Etsy
alternative bridal bouquet
Jeweled brooch bridal bouquet by Noaki via Etsy

Gorgeous, aren’t they?

I love alternative wedding bouquets.

The pretty ones, the cool ones, even the quirky ones:

handmade bridal bouquet alternative wedding bouquet shabby chic rustic
Alternative Bouquet by Innstyches via Etsy
Image source: Bridal Snob
alternative bridal bouquet quirky cute whimsical wedding
Source: Green Wedding Shoes

These hypoallergenic bouquets are great for someone with allergies . People don’t want to look like these in their wedding days.

Image source: The Guardian
Image source: The Telegraph

Here are the reasons I prefer alternative bouquets to cut-flowers bouquets:


wilt flower
Fine art print by Martinefa via Etsy

(Real) flowers start to wilt the moment they are cut. They aren’t cheap either. Unless the bride is into pressed flowers &/or dried flowers, they bouquet will end up in a trash bin. What a waste~

alternative bouquet
Bridal Brooch Bouquet by charlesandabigail via Etsy

On the other hand, alternative bouquets (like this brooch bouquet) lasts for many years to come & can be kept as a keepsake/memento. It can become a family heirloom & someone’s [e.g. one’s daughter or grandaughter]  “something old” someday.


Brooch Bouquet by Noaki via Etsy

Real flowers – unlike this brooch bouquet are do not sparkle.


Giant Paper Rose Flowers for Wedding Decorations by marrymerosie via Etsy

They can come in any size & shape we want.

alternative bridal bouquet
Paper bouquet by smilemercantile via Etsy

Even in colors & shapes we can’t find in nature.

Clay bouquet by dkdesignshawaii via Etsy

And, for the people who prefer a natural looking handmade keepsake bouquet, lightweight clay bouquet like this can be a great alternative.

These clay peonies are cheaper than real peonies. (Peonies are late-spring – early-summer flowers. So, these flowers are more expensive than usual in other seasons).

Unlike real peonies, these clay flowers will look as beautiful for a very, very long time.  They will definitely look fresh throughout the wedding day.


Some don’t care about flowers.

And brides should be allowed to wear whatever they like.

Cotton Bouquet by TALLCOTTONnPEAS via Etsy
Sea Shell Wedding Bouquet by BoHoBridal via Etsy

How about you?


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