Yikes! Thank goodness for Instagram & Magic Hour

I’m branching out!!!

I’m doing 3D animation shorts & designing graphic novels’ characters as well . . .

I’ll be working with an aspiring writer & it’s gonna be a blast.

For me, it means that I’m also inching closer towards the kind of future that I want for myself: Outside of any corporate culture, doing the thing I love, & make a living out of it.

I’m not there quite yet; but, someday . . .


And, here’s me today . . . with huge eyebags, messy hair, inability to smile, & sandpapery skin . . .


Well, I do work more than 18 hours per day in these past few weeks, so what can I expect?!

But somehow, Instagram can make me look more presentable than I actually am.




La la la . . .

I’m gonna go back to work.

Talk to you guys in a few days~

Signing out~



My song of the day: King of Fighters XIII OST Each Promise

Today's outfit:
Dress: BB Dakota
Wa Lolita Cardigan: Qutie Frash from Kera Shop (Japan)
Necklace: Tarina Tarantino
Hair Clip: Angelica Brigade
Black Thights: American Apparel
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Nail Polish: Zoya

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  1. r4punz3ll3 says:

    Reblogged this on @k_joyz and commented:
    A blog post I wrote on the Angelica Brigade blog.

    I’m planning to write handmade business-related topics 2x a month; but there are a few things I need to finish before I can do it. You can find out the reason in this other blog post.

    Till then,


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