And . . . the change seemed to happen much sooner than expected

. . . but it’s okay.

My backup plans are already in motion :)

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what appears to be the end may really be a new beginning
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To me, it definitely is.

This one closed door opened four new doors for me : The four great new opportunities I could have missed if I didn’t look for them & focus on the the not-so-awesome thing that happened  instead.

I believe that hidden opportunities often lie buried inside of the problems we overcome.


I can’t really talk about the specifics right now.  May be in a few weeks, after I can evaluate the situation more objectively.

Everything that happens is often caused by several different causes, such as =
A third party’s malice
The second party’s lack of trust
One’s own decisions or responses


To me . . . it’s important to keep our priorities in mind and not to sacrifice the things we value (especially the ones we can’t replace or reclaim) . . . except if it’s the only thing we have to do to protect the people care about.

So, this is the path I choose take.

I could’ve fight it, but I won’t. I won’t “try to grow anything on a hostile soil” because my hard work will only bring about some meager results.

Instead, it’s wiser to find a more conducive environment to grow.

My goal is to succeed, so instead of fighting or getting mad or blaming other people, I will focus on attaining that goal . . . None of us has thoroughly unlimited resources + time + energy, so we better use what we have to build what we want instead of wasting our valuable time + energy + resources to destroy, hurt other people, & do things that cause us to see ourselves as ruthless & horrible people. We’ll even hate ourselves in the process. And, if that happens, will we ever get closer to the kind of life we want?

I don’t think so.

Anyway . . . That’s it for now, guys. Good night, and talk to you guys again soon~



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