This Week’s Finds: OPI Nail Polish and Japanese Snacks

I LOVE this OPI Liquid Sand nail polish in Stay the Night. I’ve been so into textile-inspired nail lacquers, and this one is one of my favorite nail polishes of all time.

Some people worry that this kind of nail polish doesn’t last very long. But you know what . . . it’s not true!!! I work with my hands & wash my hands plenty of time during the day but my nails looks just fine . . . May be it’s because I put 2 layers of nail proteins before I applied the nail polish onto my nails (I use Nailtiques Formula 2)?

Anyway, I do recommend putting one or two layers of base coats before you wear super glittery & textured nail polishes because some of the glitters will stick onto your nails & they won’t come off easily.

Anyway, this nail polish color looks a lot like lurex fabric I used to create this giant floral clip, no?

opi liquid sand stay the night nail polish nails lacquer manicure lacquer

Anyway  . . .

I also LOVE this limited edition Japanese Snack: Unagi no Kabayaki Giant Pretz ( a.k.a. eel-flavored bread sticks )

Sounds odd, doesn’t it?! But, it ‘s super delicious! It tastes like a very delicious Unagi Donburi. Glico gets it just right. I bought mine at Mitsuwa Marketplace in California … but it might be available in other Japanese grocery shops as well.

Giant Pretz - Unagi Flavor - Limited Edition - Japanese Snack great yummy glico bread stick crackers

In case you are wondering what unagi donburi is  . . . you can read more about it here >>>

Image by 663highland via Wikipedia
Image by 663highland via Wikipedia

That’s it for now, guys!!!

Got to edit the AngelicaBrigade website so it’ll be fully renovated by Sunday night (February 17, 2013)


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