This Weekend’s Find: Julian Hakes Avant Garde Footwear

Julian Hakes Mojito Shoes
Julian Hakes Mojito Shoes – Source:
Julian Hakes Mojito Shoes – Source:

According to, Julian Hakes spent approximately 2 years refining this very light, comfortable, & elegant avant garde footwear. And, judging from the second photograph, they do look wearable.

And . . . the best news is . . . these award-winning* shoes aren’t insanely expensive either, and they are available via  (in many different colors!!!) >>>

Pricey, yes, but much less expensive than most designer shoes that aren’t as original and avant garde as these ones.

I know … these shoes aren’t for everyone. And, I’m not planning to purchase them either – at least, not until I can try them on in person & see if they really are comfortable to wear and look alright on me . . . but, I count myself as a big fan.

*Drapers Footwear & Accessories Awards 2012 winner

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  1. H. E. Lexus says:

    I so want some these in such a bad way!!! ;)

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