A Quick & Rather Brief Update


Hi guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates/new blog posts~

I’ve been knee deep in work~

I’m planning to launch Angelica Brigade v.02 as soon as I possibly can, and it involves a lot of research & planning.

I’ve also been racing with time as I’m learning to operate (the newest version of) several 3D modeling & animation computer programs~ (As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m collaborating with a writer to produce animation shorts & graphic novels).

And then, there’s my day job …

Plus, I’ve been creating several items I plan to enter into Fire Mountain Gems’ seed bead competition … making several some things for Mary Nine’s upcoming dance video … learning to create handmade lace … preparing several different jewelry-making & hair accessory-making tutorials … and making some other pieces for a big project that may or may not be put on hold.

Etc etc

Anyway, I’ve been posting many of my work in progress pictures on Instagram. That’s the best I can do at this time~

I don’t want to bombard people with the same photographs over and over again; so, if you want to take a look at what I’ve been making, feel free to find me on Instagram. You can also view those pictures by visiting this url >>> http://www.instagram.com/angelicabrigade

And, here are some pictures I didn’t post on Instagram~


This one is a test piece. I’m using 16 gauge jump rings for this one & the chainmaille base of this beaded bracelet looks a little floppy when it’s not worn on someone’s wrist:

Not like its original 14 gauge counterpart. I prefer this wire thickness better because the end result looks much neater/cleaner (and so, looks more professionally done).


Well, that’s it for today …
But, I found several interesting gadgets I want to share/show you guys this weekend. Till then~

– joyz*k of Angelica Brigade


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Wow – I am loving those beaded bracelets! Will you be doing a tutorial for them or are you planning to sell them yourself?

    1. r4punz3ll3 says:

      Thanks Kate :)
      They are just plain European 6-in-1 bracelets that are embellished with freehand bead embroidery. I used Ornela Preciosa beads, Swarovski crystal pearls, tons of seed beads, and hand-dyed spiderwire. I’m planning to enter one of them into a contest & I might sell some custom made ones as well; but . . . I don’t mind writing a tutorial on them once I perfect the technique. These two pieces were done rather haphazardly, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. This third piece I’m making ( http://instagram.com/p/WNnrHkwyeb/ ) is a lot less chaotic than the ones seen on this page.

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