Important Keys to Success You Might Overlook, Part 1


No, I’m not talking about the importance of having a sparkling & lively personality …

Having a lively personality won’t hurt; but, the kind of likeability I’m talking about has more to do with thoughtfulness, pleasantness, reliability, trustworthiness, and generosity.

… Someone most prospective employers & collaborators consider as a good fit
… Someone who is considerate
… Someone who notices (and remembers) and cares about the people s/he interacts & works with
… Someone who keeps (and delivers) his/her promises
… Someone who treats other people as individuals

Someone who makes you feel at ease
Someone you trust
The person you want to be around
Someone who don’t laugh out loud and force you to be peppy when you are feeling low
Someone who can tell you the truth in a tactful & non-offensive way
Someone who who’ll never deceive you, steal from you, or sabotage your work


… Someone you love to work or team up with (and when this person gets promoted, you would definitely think that s/he deserves it)
… The kind of salesperson you prefer to buy things from (honest, not pushy, and remembers your preferences, sizes, etc)
… The trustworthy & reliable electrician/plumber/mechanic you prefer to hire
… etc etc


Next Saturday: Important Keys to Success You Might Overlook, Part 2
Can you guess what might the second one be?


Some AngelicaBrigade-related Updates

Next week is going to be Angelica Brigade’s product development week … I’m going to focus on making chainmaille jewelry that will go together with this Avant Garde Knotted piece

For more complete updates and tons of behind the scene pictures, please visit my Tumblr Photo Blog &/or Instagram

Have a fantastic weekend, you guys!!!

-joyce of Angelica Brigade


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