Important Keys to Success – Part 2


Knowing – and in good terms with – the people who matter

Some people might not acknowledge this fact, but being friends with many important people in your industry and the industries that are related to your industry can help you to achieve your goal faster and with less pain or trouble.

Sounds unfair?

How about the people who aren’t lucky enough to grow up with or became friends with those important people years ago when they weren’t very important (and thus, much more approachable), etc?

This is the very reason I said that the most important key to success is one’s likeability (as in exuding trustworthiness, reliability, thoughtfulness, and such … and less about sparky personality). Read more about it here.

Good business networks aren’t built overnight.

You can’t just approach random important people and act as if you are friends.

Start small.

Build a good reputation.

Know – and be real friends to – a lot of people in your industry and the industries that are related to your industry.

And, don’t be an opportunistic boot licker as untrustworthiness can instantly ruin your creditability.

Instead, be known as someone who is competent, trustworthy, considerate, and easy-to-work with.

One of them might end up working with a more important person in your industry and if s/he likes and trust you enough, and s/he might introduce and/or recommend you to this person.

S/he might need your expertise and ask for your help. This can give you a chance to shine and demonstrate that you are awesome to work with. People will notice.

People tend to hire someone (e.g. hair stylist, gardener, wedding photographer, etc) who is recommended by the people they trust.

Likewise, companies tend to hire individuals who are recommended by their current trusted employees.

And here’s something some people might overlook … if you work for someone, impressing your customers and other business owners (especially your boss’ rival) can get you far. They might mention you to your boss. They might prefer to do business with you. They might want to hire you. All these will increase your value in your boss’ eyes.

There’s no shortcut.

And, you need to be proactive. You need to get to know more people and constantly strive to become a better version of your self. Become the kind of person they’ll want to know.

Presenting a glowing – but false – front facade isn’t good enough. The moment someone fails to deliver what s/he promised … or, the moment someone’s considered as an untrustworthy person … that’s the beginning of his/her fall.


Next Saturday: Important Keys to Success, Part 3


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Have a wonderful weekend.

Till next week, you guys!!!

-joyce of Angelica Brigade


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