Coquette … 1920s Inspired Oversized Handheld Fan with a Beaded Handle


Some of you might have guessed it~

This is the third design I submitted to Fire Mountain Gem‘ Seed Bead Contest.

I designed this as an alternative to a bridal bouquet for a stylized bridal magazine photoshoot.

Unlike the other two designs I submitted to the contest (this one and this one), the inspiration/concept behind this oversized handheld fan is a purely visual one . . . namely, the glitz and glamor projected by 1920s Hollywood actresses and my dream of being surrounded by ornately beautiful and opulent heirlooms.

The people I collaborated with told me they wanted to do a 1920s-and-1930s-Hollywood-inspired photoshoot. When I was doing my design research, I came across this these vintage photographs of famous dancers in the era.

vintage ostrich plumes feather fan 1920s dancer

Dolly Sisters feather fans

Captivating, aren’t they?

Self-assured without a hint of self consciousness . . . demure yet provocative . . . haughty, naughty, and elegant . . .

And . . . how luxurious & opulent those fans are!!!! I really want to own one for myself . . . I could easily purchase a ready-made fan from a burlesque shop and use it as a prop; but, I’m not a big fan of plastic fan staves . . . plus, it wouldn’t look right as an alternative to a bridal bouquet.

Not just that, I want my fan very fluffy. I actually use more than 3 dozens of ostrich plumes to create this fan.

(By the way, I created more than 1 fan for the shoot. The other fan is a lot bigger than this one. I needed about a pound (0.45 kg) of ostrich plumes to create the other one. The fan’s no longer mine; so, I’ll have to wait for the editorial pictures to be published before I can share its photographs with you)


Everything’s made from scratch.

To make the fan’s handle looks extra sparkly, I used silver-plated beads, gold-plated beads, white beads with rainbow-effect coating, and fire-polished beads.





joyce-katuari_angelica-brigade_bead-embroidery_handheld-fan_coquette_0002 joyce-katuari_angelica-brigade_bead-embroidery_handheld-fan_coquette_002

I also added those dangling beads to make the fan looks interesting. They also create vertical lines that – I believe – can make the person who holds it looks slimmer.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Anyway . . .

Here’s something I’m excited about: I pre-0rdered Kate McKinnon‘s 2nd volume of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork!!! And . . . as a bonus, I received the e-book version of the 1st volume for free!!!

I prefer my jewelry-making tutorials to come in digital format. So the bonus e-book is perfect for me. In fact, the bonus e-book is the main reason I pre-ordered the 2nd volume of the book :D

I love the book’s geometric and architectural beadwork tutorials. The designs are gorgeous, and the instructions are easy to follow. And, since it’s in a digital format, whenever I need to look at a certain detail more closely, I can simple zoom in/enlarge the image.

Here is the result of my very first attempt to learn to create one of the designs.

I’ll make better ones later this weekend and will blog about them next week.


Till then~

-joyz of AngelicaBrigade


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