Purpose, Reasons, and Doubts … My Life as an Independent Designer

The world isn’t very kind to most newcomers
Especially new independent designers with no extraordinarily important friends …

Am I sounding a little morose?

Well, I’m not my usual peppy self this week

angelica brigade joyce angelicabrigade beadwork hair accessory independent designer handmade artisan hair fascinator headpiece
Me and one of my recent works

I’ve been trying to organize this other collaborative high-fashion photo shoot …

Apparently, hiring fashion models (even the “new faces” ) is not an easy feat.

Well, I do want to hire models who can pose well, can pull off avant garde outfits, and make the pieces look great …

The way I see it … 75% of the success of a high-fashion photo shoot depends on the models we work with.

High-fashion shoot is much more than looking pretty. It’s also much more than convincing people to buy things.

High-fashion models need to convey the concept / story / theme of a photo shoot. They also need to do poses most people don’t consider conventionally beautiful.

And since I’m going to spend hundreds of hours creating the accessories and jewelry for the shoot, borrowing designer clothes, and working with this amazing hair stylist I’m a big fan of … I don’t want to botch things by hiring the people who are not able to present the results of all of those hard work.

(An excellent example of a successful high-fashion photo shoot)
Photographer: Amberly Valentine

All in all, it’s been a busy but not so productive week …

I believe in my ability to design and create couture jewelry and accessories …

But, those are the things most people don’t consider to purchase in this kind of economy …

There are times when I ask myself whether I should consider another career …

But, I’m not the type to give up easily. I will have to work smarter, get to know more people, and things like that …

But, again, there are times when I wonder whether my refusal to give up is not a wise decision …

angelica brigade work in progress angelicabrigade beadwork jewelry accessories jewellery joyce katuari
My current work-in-progress

I’ve never said this in any social media before … may be because it sounds like a lofty goal … but, this, is one of the main reasons I refuse to give up:

Do you know that Angelica Brigade is an acronym for AvaNt GardE Luxurious Inventions by Collaborative Artists Brigade?

From the get go, I always want Angelica Brigade to become a launchpad for talented new artists, musicians, and designers.

I’ve seen so many talents gone to waste … It makes me sad.

There are numerous stories behind it, but I’m going to have to share some of those stories some other time.

But, can you imagine how much more beautiful the world can be if more talented people can get enough chances to share their gifts with the rest of the world?

Have a wonderful weekend, you guys!!!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. ellen says:

    love your burning spirits….. keep it up…

  2. jurneyjurray says:

    I’ve found my twin in you, as I share your frustrations as an independent designer. I’ve been in business for a little over two years and the term “struggling artist” certainly applies. Between the lack of recognition and support the will to persevere at times seemingly diminishes. Its hard to get people to understand that handmade products are not cheap, not to mention the time and effort you put into it. They don’t realize that the cheap jewelry available by multi-million dollar companies are actually made and purchased for pennies on the dollar with a retail markup of over 1000%, meanwhile independent designers struggle to make back even their cost of materials. I won’t even go into what it takes to be recognized and possibly one day appreciated! Believe me when I say I understand completely, I am actually in the midst of trying to pull together a photo shoot for an Urban Kabuki look that has been in the making for months.

    If no one else understands…I do

    Jenee Dionne

    1. Thanks, Jenee!
      And, best wishes with the Urban Kabuki photo shoot :)

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