Photographer: Miu Vermillion
Jewelry & Beaded Accessories: Angelica Brigade

This conceptual photograph is the (almost) perfect reflection of my current state of mind.

I’m giving myself a deadline. By the end of this week, I really should finish defragging my mind.

. . .

Last year, I overcommited myself to too many projects. I spent most of my waking hours (and sleepless nights) working. And so, I had no time to think and evaluate things.

It’s something I can no longer postpone.

It’s easier to keep on doing the same things and let chances, lucks, other people, and other external factors to decide the outcome; but, it sounds hazardous to me. It’s like going through life like a rudderless ship (which, eventually, will get stranded somewhere unpleasant).

Now that all the holiday festivities are over, let’s not waste the new opportunities (and lessons) 2014 has to offer

– joyz k / miu vermillion @ Angelica Brigade

Any ad that might show up below this line is not endorsed by me &/or Angelica Brigade

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