Mastering Peyote Stitch and Mastering Herringbone Stitch by Melinda Barta

When I shop for jewelry-making books, I always look for elements-to-adapt and useful tips-and-tricks. And, these books by Melinda Barta (editor of Beadwork Magazine) has a lot of things for me to incorporate into my new designs.

mastering herringbone stitch by melinda bartamastering peyote stitch by melinda barta

I rarely see jewelry-making books that are filled with projects I’d like to re-create.

In many cases, the materials to re-create those projects are rather on the expensive side and/or unavailable for purchase. Besides, most of the time, the designs of those pieces do not suit my style.

But . . .
Nobody says we need to re-create those pieces in order to learn some new techniques.
That’s why it’s important for to find books that explain the techniques in detail.

As usual, I prefer to buy the e-book edition of the jewelry-making books because:

  • I can have all of those books in one place – in my Kindle Fire – and so, I can access the information I need much quicker (the search-inside-the-book function really helps)
  • Whenever necessary, I can zoom in to get a better look at complicated-looking diagrams.
  • And these obvious advantages:
    • Less clutter
    • Lower price
    • Quicker “delivery”
    • And, the books will always stay tidy

To learn more about these books, and to see a few sample pages of the books, please visit:

Full Disclosure:

  • No one is paying me to say good things about these books.
  • I never recommend anything lightly.
  • Purchasing things through the links I provide will cost you nothing.
  • However, retailers – like – is going to award me with a nominal (6% or less) commission which I will use to maintain this blog and to provide better contents for you. Thank you so much for your support.
Note: Any ad that might show up below this line is not endorsed by me &/or Angelica Brigade

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