Image Remix 001

Before or after?

I had a lot of fun creating and playing with the custom brushes I made using Adobe Capture CC app !

The Original Image:
Miu Vermillion for Aether Magazine Issue 7 - Fashion Editorial

Along with pre-existing sets of brushes, custom textures, and various blend modes, they breathe a new life to a photo I captured many months ago.

Miu Vermillion Image Remix - Custom Photoshop Brushes and Textures

Stylist: Keith S Washington @ Wilhelmina Japan
Make up artist: Shino Ariizumi using M.A.C Pro Cosmetics
Hair Stylist: Kazuki Fujiwara
Stylist’s Assistant: Maia Lillford
Make Up artist’s assistant: Chihiro Yamada
Hair stylist’s assistant: Kanako Kashioka
Model: Yukiro

Photographer + Retoucher: Miu Vermillion


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