Getting Used to Using on a Tripod (or Two)

This summer, I will do my darndest to get to know my tripods better and see them as good work mates

I want to create higher quality photo composites and still life photographs. To do so, I need to use a tripod (or two) . . .

Unfortunately, at this moment, I still see a tripod as a hindrance . . .

I like to photograph people and things from unusual angles; and, I want each shot to look different from the others

Anchoring my camera on a tripod means that I can’t adjust my camera’s angle and position at any moment’s notice

Miu Vermillion Photography Blog - Getting Used to Using a Tripod (or Two)
Also, since I prefer my images in Portrait Orientation, my go-to lenses keep on drooping 2-3 seconds after I return them to their intended positions

My number one go-to lens – Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L II – is not very long and heavy. And, so far, I can’t find a suitable tripod collar for it

But, I came up with a way to solve this problem: Propping the lens on top of a second tripod’s plate. (I will share the photos in my next blog post)

It works, but it has a downside. It makes adjusting the camera’s angle 200% – 350% longer because every time I shift the camera’s angle, I have to re-adjust the second tripod’s height to match the angle of the lens . . .

I will constrain my tripods usage to still-life photography and photo compositing works . . . But my tripods and I’d better be friends (-;

Off Shoots

Photographed using VSCOcam App on iPhone 5s, approximately 30 minutes before sunset, using window light




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