Getting to know my Impossible I-1 Camera (Part 3): I-Type Color Film

Looking at the images I captured  when I was testing the Black and White Impossible I-Type Films, I didn’t bother testing the I-Type color films indoor because the images I shot outdoor are MUCH sharper, vivider, and more atmospheric than the ones I shot indoor.

So, I thought, if did the very same thing I did; then, my color photos would turn out alright as well, right?



Check how washed out these images are . . .

They don’t look bad, but they look faded and nearly monochromatic . . .

(Where are the nice contrasts and vivid details I was able to capture when I was testing the black and white film cartridge?)


You can barely see the colors of the dried leaves (various shades of red, orange, and yellow), fluffy hood (ginger), and sports shoes (orange, yellow, and bright blue).

Everything you see in this first color-film cartridge are basically desaturated greenish blue.


I was convinced that these are the only kind of color photos this film+ camera can create . . . Since the only thing I can adjust (on camera) is the flash (off / on / stronger / softer), I thought I will only use this film when I want to shoot something dreamy / hazy / nostalgic.

But, then, I remembered I can control the camera manually using a corresponding app.

Since I still had a couple of cartridges left, I thought I should give it a whirl.

And . . .
I’m really glad I did

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