Getting to know my Impossible I-1 Camera (Part 3): I-Type Color Film


Yes, Impossible I-1 camera isn’t the easiest camera to use . . . and, yes, you need to wait for approx. 20 minutes for your color photographs to fully develop . . . but, I believe, this camera might very well be the most versatile instant camera to date.

I like the fact that I can manually control the camera even if I need to do it remotely (using the app) . . . I also like the fact that you can capture motion and shoot multiple-exposure photos using this camera as well.


The black and white I-Type films are great for outdoor / natural daylight photography, and – in manual mode – the I-Type color films are great for indoor shoots with studio lighting. (You might need to experiment with various camera settings and lighting setup).

Use the app’s log to keep track of the settings that work and doesn’t work for you (you can attach the resulting image onto the log so you know which settings you should use for particular shots)

Impossible Project I-1 App photo log - via miu vermillion photography blog

~o 0 o~

Below are a few images I captured using a vintage Polaroid Land Camera.

The first three image were captured using Impossible Project Polaroid SX-70-Type films, and the other three were photographed using Impossible Project Polaroid-600-Type films (with ND filter).

You can enlarge the photos by clicking them

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