If a circus trainer ties a baby elephant to a peg when it was too small and weak to free itself; no matter how large and strong the elephant becomes, it will continue to believe it cannot free itself from its shackle.

It is something my younger self can relate.

Miu Vermillion "Tethered" - A personal art + fashion story

I photographed this series many months ago. It was my very first foray into lo-fi and instant photography . . .

Miu Vermillion "Tethered" - A personal art + fashion story

I created this series for myself. Ignoring all rules and fashion trends, I made most of the clothing myself. These are some of the most impractical clothing anyone would ever encounter, created only for these photographs.

Interestingly enough, the only wearable thing I made for these series is the human hair shawl that gives you the illusion that the wearer just got a super long hair extension.

Miu Vermillion "Tethered" - A personal art + fashion story

I photographed all of these images using Fuji Instax Wide; but it wasn’t a “point and shoot” kind of work.

I used a Profoto B1 with a translucent Deep Medium Umbrella  as well as Limelite Mosaic 12×12″ Bi-Color LED Panel as a continuous lightsources. I also used a white foam core as a fill reflector to bounce the light to the model’s face.

Miu Vermillion "Tethered" - A personal art + fashion story lighting diagram

Using Profoto B1 as a constant lightsource drains the monolight’s battery very quickly. So, I had multiple batteries and two high speed chargers that constantly charged the batteries during the shoot.

In case you are wondering, the I used two Avenger C-Stands to hold the light sources, and Manfrotto Freestanding Background Support System to hold the fabrics I used as backdrops.

P.S. Under normal circumstances, I probably wouldn’t use this kind of lighting setup.

~ o 0 o ~

Model: Regina Schnitzer
Make Up: Tomoko Miyamoto
Hair Stylist: Nami Hasegawa
Concept + Photography + Styling: Miu Vermillion

~ o 0 o ~


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