[Photography] Shooting Book Covers

People who scroll though the images I shot for potential book covers are usually left unimpressed . . . by the composition, the blandness, the excessive amount of negative space . . .

The thing is, the images don’t look unfinished and bland to me . . . because I could already see where the texts are going to be . . . even before I shoot the images . . .

Book Cover Mockup, Journey - via miu vermillion photography blog

[Photography] Shooting Book Covers

As you see, without the texts, the image looks “unfinished” . . .  It lacks some things . . .

[Photography] Shooting Book Covers

[Photography] Shooting Book Covers

Shooting this kind of images requires pre-visualization.

A clear client brief, mood board/storyboard, or – better yet –  a sketch of the finished design would be extremely helpful. But, there are times when I receive short briefs . . . and I have to guess what the clients want and present them with several options. But, it could be fun.

[Photography] Shooting Book Covers

[Photography] Shooting Book Covers

In case you are wondering,. there are some mock-ups I made using my unused shots . . . just so I can show you what I’m talking about

[Photography] Shooting Book Covers

[Photography] Shooting Book Covers  [Photography] Shooting Book Covers

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