[Analog Photography] Adox Color Imposion

Adox Color Implosion: Grainy, with yellowish tint, and GRAINS! I love how to use it to shoot anything blue . . . in this case: the sky, blue jeans, water in a swimming pool . . . It adds a nice contrast and makes the image pops       Save Save

Washi X 400/135 Maskless CN Film

I was really sad when I found out this film has been discontinued by its manufacturer. (Actually, I’m still sad about it).  Look at the beautiful cinematic effect seen on these photos. If you follow my blog, you might have seen this place in one of my previous posts. See the whole lot of difference…

Lomography 100 ISO Color Negative + Nikon N75

Sometimes, nice and simple shots are more than just enough Shot using my very first analog camera, ever . . . the one I bought at BestBuy many years ago, when I was taking Photography 101 class (the only photography class I ever took in my entire life). This camera is very easy to use….

KONO! Rotwild + Lomo LC-A+ Camera (Take 2)

Not as strong and “contrasty” as other people’s (and my own previous) shots . . . but I like them this way. More nostalgic than intense, with an added tinge of melancholy . . . [adinserter name=”Recommendation Ad”]

Rainy Day with Revolog Tesla 1

I always wanted to test Revolog Tesla 1 film on a rainy day. I figured that the film’s lightning-like special effect would look great with rain water and wet pavements. Revolog Tesla 1 is a 12-exposure ISO 200 expired 35mm film. According to the product description, blue or white flashes would appear on random spots…

Water Puddle, Noguchi Garden, Agfa Vista Plus 400, and Zenit 412LS

Grainy, desaturated (with pale lavender tint), and very sharp Zenit 412LS has become my #1 favorite analog camera ever since I used it for the first time a couple of months ago. I love how it captures textures, and there is a beautiful yet undefinable quality no digital camera and photo manipulation can create. Combined…