[Analog Photography] Adox Color Imposion

Adox Color Implosion: Grainy, with yellowish tint, and GRAINS! I love how to use it to shoot anything blue . . . in this case: the sky, blue jeans, water in a swimming pool . . . It adds a nice contrast and makes the image pops       Save Save

Washi X 400/135 Maskless CN Film

I was really sad when I found out this film has been discontinued by its manufacturer. (Actually, I’m still sad about it).  Look at the beautiful cinematic effect seen on these photos. If you follow my blog, you might have seen this place in one of my previous posts. See the whole lot of difference…

Lomography 100 ISO Color Negative + Nikon N75

Sometimes, nice and simple shots are more than just enough Shot using my very first analog camera, ever . . . the one I bought at BestBuy many years ago, when I was taking Photography 101 class (the only photography class I ever took in my entire life). This camera is very easy to use….

Lomography XPRO 200 ISO 35mm film (Cross Processed)

Not every photo we create needs to be our masterpiece But testing new films for no particular project can be a good learning experience . . . The camera and film I used to create these images: Nikon N75 35mm Film SLR Camera Kit with 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 Nikkor Lens Lomography X-PRO Slide Film 200 35mm…

Revolog Volvox Experimental Film

Many weeks ago, I had the pleasure of testing this incredible experimental film; and I’m completely in love with it! The resulting images are vibrant and surrealistic. You’ll never know how the images are going to turn out before you develop and scan (or print) the negatives. But, so far, I love every single image…

Kono! Rotwild CN 400 35mm film + Lomography LC-A+

Trying and learning new things . . . Living and treasuring each moment . . . Creating artifacts . . . Because nothing lasts forever The photographic equipment i used to create these images: Camera: Lomo LC-A+ Film: Kono! Rotwild 400 CN – 35 mm Save Save Save Save

Going Analog

Going analog . . . and starting to get what the fuss is all about I love the desaturated colors, foamy incoming tide, and the surprisingly sharp details . . . I find the effect beautiful, soft, and dreamy There is something nostalgic about these photos . . . something we cannot replicate using VSCO…