Life is Art!!!

I’m thrilled to be a part of Papercut Magazine‘s Art Issue! (You can find my works on pp. 30-41) I call this series Dark Remembrances. It’s based on my childhood memories and all the emotions I wasn’t able to express. I decided to leave all the images untitled because I want people to interpret and…

Passion / Mastery / Thinking Things Over

“If your heart is not in it, get out of it or change it” -Sue Bryce If one’s heart is not in it, It’s impossible to give one’s all for it . . . To spend many hours doing it . . . “Masters are incredibly passionate and emotional people who just love to do…

The Importance of Being Distinct

To be outstanding, one needs to be different And to be different, one needs to embrace his/her uniqueness Unfortunately, Some people might consider certain distinct qualities as weirdness And so, in order to avoid rejections and humiliation, One might decide to keep one’s distinct qualities hidden And thus, stay in obscurity . . . The…

New Endeavor: Conceptual Photography

To some degree, people are anchored to their past. But, we should never let our past to define our future. It won’t be easy. Old habits, uncertainty, fear of the unknown . . . But, the struggle forward is worth the effort. Many people might say “What the heck?!” “You are a designer . ….


This conceptual photograph is the (almost) perfect reflection of my current state of mind. I’m giving myself a deadline. By the end of this week, I really should finish defragging my mind. . . . Last year, I overcommited myself to too many projects. I spent most of my waking hours (and sleepless nights) working….