[Take Two] Not-so-new Shot, New Edit

Revisiting the images I captured a couple of years ago, and retouching them in a completely different style 💐
🌸 Model: @ksubelskaya (@casbahmodels)
🌸 Stylist: @masahiro_hiramatsu (@ysc_inc)
🌸 Hair Stylist: @akirahair
🌸 Make Up Artist: @makoto_nakai
🌸 Photographer and Retoucher: @MiuVermillion

ksenia belskaya by miu vermillion

Shot using Canon 5D Mark iii with one light setup (Profoto B1 monolight with Elinchrom Deep Inverse Octa*) + ambient light. Lightly retouched in Photoshop** and toned using AlienSkin Exposure X.

ksenia belskaya by miu vermillion

* To do this, you’ll need an Elinchrom Rotalux Speed Ring Adapter for Profoto


** I want the image to look very natural. So, I merely cleaned the image a little bit (the most obvious stray hair and cross hair, and some clumps of mascara). I retouched the skin a bit as well. It was a 5-minute edit, but if I used a mouse instead of a Wacom tablet, it might’ve taken me 15 or 20 minutes instead.

ksenia belskaya by miu vermillion
Bonus: Alternate edit, which I edited further in VSCO X app (filter FP8)

It might sound odd to some, but I prefer Wacom Intuos Pro than Wacom Cintiq.

I like the portability of Intuos. Unlike Cintiq, it can function without a cord. It’s also much cheaper, more lightweight, and never overheat. The only thing some people might consider a downside is the that you can’t edit the image directly on the tablet.

It’s very much like typing on a keyboard vs on a touchscreen. You need to look at the screen as you are moving the pen on top of the tablet. Personally, I don’t mind it at all.

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