Mindset, Growth, and Freedom

No one can live in a perpetual state of happiness. Happiness is a volatile emotional state, and it flies away the moment routines and obligations creeps into our lives.

For that reason, my guiding principle in life is (and has always been): Be in a constant pursuit of fulfillment.

As human beings, we produce carbon dioxide, garbage, and pollutants. That realization never stops to nag and push me to bring something beautiful/meaningful/worthwhile into existence.

moldy cardboards, burnt vellum, and dilapidated paper

But, many well-meaning people told me I work too much. They think I need to have more sleep, more fun, and more relaxation . . . more parties, more vacations, and more leisure activities.

Little by little, those inputs start to have stronger and louder presence in my mind, even when I’m working on a time-sensitive jobs. They are often amplified by additional but similar suggestions by many people around me.

I would never dump my jobs so I canĀ  pamper myself. But, now, on the back of my mind, I still (metaphorically) hear “rest, sleep, take a break, pamper yourself” going on and on like piped music. And, it bothers me.

paper art - miu vermillion - photographer - mixed media artist

So, I started to ask myself: Do I need more breaks, vacations, parties, etc. etc.? How would it affect my life . . . not just today, but in the not-so-near future?

Would I like myself better? Would I have more peace of mind? I know I need to pursue a healthier lifestyle . . . But, are these the right things for me to do right now?

And, after mulling over it for a few months, I’d boldly and confidently say: No.

The number of days when I can survive on very little sleep is numbered. It’s a precious resource with an expiry date: It’s something I would not waste.

We are individuals with different sets of skills, resources, and circumstances. It’s in our best interest to be thankful and appreciate the resources we have, and not lay them to waste.

So, let’s do our own things in our own ways, escape the bogs of Shoulds and Shouldn’ts, and aim for the things that last.

Happy New Year!!!


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