Just the way I used to do it …

Slow shutter speed, no flash, no tripod, and not-so-low f-stop . . . some of the things that used to baffle the people I worked with . . . especially during fashion shoots. Throw in the fact I used a 24-70mm lens for everything . . . (no portrait lens?! *gasp*) . . . I must’ve seemed like a person who doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Most of them worried that the photos wouldn’t turn out so well. But, many of images I photographed during that time remain as my favorite works to this day. (The key is: Holding one’s breath and be as still as possible till the preview image shows up on the screen)

[sample 1] ★ [sample 2] ★ [sample 3]

Miu Vermillion Photography Blog | Unusual Camera Setting

As a mostly self-taught photographer, I discover things as I go. That ol’ trial-and-error method.

Oh~ I did take a photography class in college a long time ago (when I was still an undergraduate art major), but nothing – except for the rule of thirds (which I usually break) – actually sticks.  Listening to long lectures and memorizing theories are not the most effective ways for me to learn things.

Miu Vermillion Photography Blog | Slow Shutter Speed, No Tripod

I used to rely on available lights. Thus, the need of using slow shutter speed (especially because I’m not a fan of image noise and blurry backgrounds/wide aperture pictures). These past two years, however, I’ve come to rely (mostly) on studio lighting. But, there are times when I look back at my older work and wonder if I should revisit my old method every once in a while. (Especially now that I start experimenting with analogue and instant cameras).

Miu Vermillion Photography Blog | Slow Shutter Speed, No Tripod

In my opinion, the photos turned out pretty well . . . especially because I was going for moodier vibes . . . These are the kind of images I can’t create using speedlight and/or off-the-camera flash.



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