Getting to know my Impossible I-1 Camera (Part 2): Black and White I-Type Film

Read: (Part 1)

Impossible Project I-1 Camera and I-Type films

You can find links to all of the gear I write about in this post on page 5

What I like about the I-Type films:

  • Unlike the Polaroid-type films, they are battery-free (less bad for the environment).
  • Their MUCH faster development time.
  • As far as I know, a bit of exposure to light during development time doesn’t really ruin the photo. But, I recommend leaving each photo under a frog tongue (instant film protector) for at least 100 seconds before you pocket or put the image away and shoot the next image.
  • Every single shot is just like a lucky draw. You’ll never know how the image will turn out, but you know it would be interesting in its own way, even the overexposed / underexposed / streaky / extremely flawed ones.
  • Their lower price points
What I don’t really like about the I-Type films:
  • They are not so great for indoor and studio shoots. They are not bad . . . but, they produce MUCH better (sharper and well-exposed) images when you shoot your photos outside (using natural light in conjunction with the I-1 ring flash). Check the images on page 4, and you’ll see what I mean.
  • So far, the “keep : toss ratio” isn’t so great. At $19.99 (plus tax and shipping) per cartridge – or, around $2.50 per shot (again, plus tax and shipping) – the films are still VERY expensive.

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