Getting to know my Impossible I-1 Camera (Part 2): Black and White I-Type Film

What I like about the I-1 camera:
  • Its built-in “frog tongue” / instant film protector.
  • The built-in ring flash!
  • The fact that you can manually control the camera when you pair it with the iPhone App.
  • The way it looks. It’s unique, it’s distinctive, and it reminds me to rotary phone (in the best kind of way, of course).
What I don’t like so much about the I-1 camera:
  • The film door can be a bit difficult to open.
  • Sometimes, the switch you need to press to pop the viewfinder up can get a bit stuck. You might need to press it (hard!) a couple of times beforehand.
  • It’s not very suitable for inconspicuous outdoor shoots and street photography. The ring flash’s intensity can turn people’s heads, the camera’s size and unique shape make the camera very noticeable, the fact that you only have 8 shots per cartridge – and the fact that the film door can be hard to open – mean that you might miss some chances to capture fleeting moments that might’ve enabled you to create some unforgettable images.
  • The unusual off-centered-looking lens with a gaping hole between the lens and the inner edge . At first, I though the lens popped out of the frame. But, after a bit of research, I found out that it actually is designed that way.

A closeup of Impossible I-1 Camera's Lens - via miu vermillion photography blog

If only . . .
  • Since we are supposed to shield each film from light, shouldn’t the photo come out upside down? The frog tongue should be “upside down” as well. That way, you can put something under the frog tongue, and when you release the film from frog tongue, no light would ever touch the film before it’s fully developed. (Just a thought . . .)

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